Wildstar Gold: PvP Server Merges Incoming!

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Wildstar Gold: Population Troubles

For the looooongest time, Wildstar has been suffering horrible population losses and most servers have ended up barren. In a game a prolifically “hardcore” in the sense that Vanilla WoW was, it spelled almost an instant doom for the fledgling IP. However, when Wildstar finally opted for the free-to-play model, they’ve seen a surge in activity and positive feedback about the smooth transition. Unfortunately, the community is still pretty fragmented because of the pre-existing PvP servers still not managing to soak up the new wave of players that were attracted by the F2P model. Because, frankly, the trend of the common gamer these days is that they avoid open-world PvP like the plague and opt for easier methods of leveling found in PvE servers. I really can’t blame them; who likes getting ganked by a max level while you are only level 15 or something?

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With this, Carbine recently announced that they want to breathe new life into the flogging open-world PvP activity in Wildstar by merging the PvP servers in North America with Entity, and the European PvP servers with Jabbit. Now, if you’ve noticed or don’t really know, Entity and Jabbit are both PvE servers. How will this work, you ask? Well, I don’t really know either. But Carbine seems convinced that by adding incentives to manually flagging yourself for open-world PvP action is enough to reinvigorate the community’s killer instincts. As to what those incentives are, they’ve made it apparent that nothing is set in stone yet. They’ve got an idea and are ready to implement a few things, but the idea of having an “incentive” is a subjective one. What might be an incentive for you might not be appealing for me.

Wildstar Gold: Making It Work

Regardless of this, Carbine clearly wants to make Wildstar’s PvP community work and are taking a lot of necessary steps in what I see as the right direction. On March 16, the servers will officially merge and, starting last Feb. 24, Free server transfers have gone underway. A veritable blood transfusion if I ever saw one and the last time I actually witnessed this happening to was back when the first major server merges happened in SWTOR.

If you want to read more about Carbines plans for reinvigorating the PvP community and the game in general, check out this link.

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