WildStar Gold Hunter: the Sabotage Treasure Hunter

When playing this game with your WildStar Gold Hunter, you can experience playing the new PvP mode: Sabotage. When playing this PvP mode, you gain achievements and rewards as you play along with your allied friends and enemies. As you gain the victory and achievements in the new PvP mode Sabotage Mode, the rewards you can receive can be used in your character’s housing.

Rewarding your WildStar Gold Hunter with Sabotage Rewards

There are items that can be received by your WildStar Gold Hunter; one is the “Dagger Stone Pass Boots”. This item equipment is a big advantage to your team when you obtained it. The additional stat of this item is 44 additional random stats.

Collect these Housing Items for your WildStar Gold Hunter

wildstar gold fence for sabotage

Decoration items are collectible housing items. These items can be obtained when you play the new PvP Mode: Sabotage. There are specified collectible items for each faction; the Exile and the Dominions and for each faction there are 5 collectible housing items to be collected. To start with, let’s discuss about the housing items for the Exile, we have the first item; “Exile Base Fence”. This item is built with barbed wire and it has electrocution features. Well it is a typical housing decoration with a rebellious look.

Collect other Exile Items for your Housing space and give your housing a better look.


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