WildStar Gold Exploit or the Legal Ways to Earn Gold

All MMORPG always encounter this kind of problems especially if the players are doing ways to earn WildStar Gold even though it is against the game’s policy. Check out the Game dev’s words regarding on the hot topic in WildStar Online.

wildstar gold exploit news

Game Dev’s Comments for WildStar Gold Exploit

Words are quoted by the game dev’s “We are aware of the gold exploit feedback that has been circulating social media and the forums.  At this point, we are working to get a hotfix put together as soon as possible.  A rollback will not be necessary at this time; the current scope of abuse is not outside our ability to manually correct where necessary.  Please understand, if you have abused this exploit, we will be taking action against your account.  As you all know, we take exploits seriously and will not hesitate to lifetime ban accounts that have been caught abusing any exploits.”

The investigation and testing are still on process to stop further abuse.

That being said, if you have used this exploit – you have 24 hours to contact Customer Support.  They will confiscate your exploited items and reduce your punishment.  This is a one-time offer, I suggest you take it.


A Safe Way to Get WildStar Gold

You can purchase your WildStar Gold using the website PlayerAuctions.com. They provide supreme security on the website for smooth transaction by the seller and the buyer. Visit PlayerAuctions now and browse the gold sellers and earn your gold now.

You can also sell your extra gold if you want to earn profit by your hard work. Your earned gold can be sold to other players who are looking for gold. Some players of WildStar online are looking for gold sellers especially if they don’t have time to grind for their character classes. As you gain your profit you can also help other players who are looking for gold. Otherwise if you are badly needing for WildStar Gold you can also buy gold on players who are selling gold for profit. Visit the market place and check out the players who are selling gold.




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