Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Rayna Darkspeaker

Rayna Darkspeaker, one of the two possible second bosses found in the Wildstar Dungeon, Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, is a simpler fight compared to her contemporaries like Ondu Lifeweaver. Do not take her lightly, however, as she still requires a modicum of skill in order to finish. While her encounter does not need any form of interrupting, it is advised that you make use of any mobility skill that you have.

Wildstar Gold: Mechanics

Rayna will periodically cast Smoldering, this is a debuff that is placed on 3 targets that tics for moderate damage. When the timer on the debuff ends, those afflicted will drop a pool of lava that is a permanently persistent AoE that deals high amounts of damage per tic. It is possible to cleanse the debuff, but it will cause the lava pool to drop early. Be mindful of your positioning here and it is always preferable to keep the middle part of the arena clear of any pools.

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Occasionally, Rayna will tether her target and cast Raging Flame at it. This conal attack is very powerful and causes high damage per tic. It’s always better to dodge this attack as quickly as you can as it will cause a lot of problems for your party if anybody bathes in there for too long. Remember that it’s easier to dodge this conal the closer you are to Rayna because geometry. If you find yourself in an unfavorable position when she casts this in your direction, use any means necessary to avoid it or risk death.

At 70% health, Rayna will gain invulnerability and cast Flame Geyser, which will launch the entire party up into the air. When the skill ends, the party will descend back to the ground slowly with extremely low HP. At this point, she does no direct attacks but instead summons continuous walls of moving flame. To avoid these, you have to find the gaps in these walls and let them pass. This is where the movement ability I told you earlier about comes into play. Sometimes, the empty gap within the flame walls are found on the opposite side of where you are standing and you have to get there quickly or die. Use your mobility skills to get there as fast as possible.

Wildstar Gold: End Fight

The fight continues on as normal until the next Fire Wall phase at 40% health. When you’ve gotten past that, she will continue to use her rotations normally with the exception of Raging Lava that loses its tether. At this point, the final phase, she will also summon the fire walls again, all the while casting her normal skills as well. The walls will spawn in any of the four directions in the arena, so you will have to maintain your focus to be able to find the gaps on the walls and avoid her regular attacks.


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