Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Overlord Skash

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Overlord Skash, one of the two possible second bosses found in the Wildstar Dungeon, Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, is a contemporary of Rayna Darkspeaker and is also a 50/50 chance to encounter. Keep in mind that while this boss is relatively more lax than Rayna, have at least 1 interrupt at the ready for some of the mechanics that may arise during the fight. This also does not mean that Overlord Skash is a pushover.

Wildstar Gold: Mechanics

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Skash starts off with Summon the Swarm where an army of tiny adds will come out of the two pods on the sides of the room. The party should stack together with the tank and AoE them down along with the boss. The boss will also occasionally cast Tentacle Wrath. This outward expanding telegraph has only a few safe spots to seek refuge in and it is of utmost importance to avoid getting hit by this AoE. This is due to the fact that Tentacle Wrath deals a lot of damage on hit, sometimes even capable of one-shotting a decently geared DPS or Healer, and launching them up far in the air.

Overlord Skash has two main mechanics. The first one is called Corruption Heartseeker which causes to have a large circular telegraph planted on all players. Touching another player with your telegraph will deal moderate damage and will cause a huge knockback on the affected player, pushing them back from their original spot quite a ways. After a while, Skash will then throw a projectile at each player that will remove the telegraph for a short period of time but cause a whole swarm of small adds to appear. At this point, when he is about to cast the projectile, it is best to have most players stack as closely to one another, minding the telegraphs, so that the adds can be easily picked up by the tank and can then be AoE’d down. All the while the room converges in on itself so players must stay in the center and avoid getting knocked back into the outer telegraph while fighting the adds. It is important that players minimize their movement to make killing the adds and healing easier.

The next mechanic is when Skash casts Corruption Siphon. 3 seconds after the skill is cast, an egg will appear beside each player and they will start siphoning health from their targets. Their siphon skill, however, MUST be interrupted immediately. When interrupted, the eggs will hatch into an eyeball that will continuously cast Deathgaze, a rotating cone telegraph that deals high damage per tic and will cause a wipe if nobody pays any attention. It is best to keep stacked together for Corruption Siphon so that the eggs will spawn in relatively the same area as the rest and will be easily interrupted and AoE’d, ensuring that the eyeballs only cast Deathgaze at a single spot as well.

Wildstar Gold: Rinse and Repeat

Skash will alternate between Heartseeker and Siphon so it will be easy to tell what to do after every phase. The challenge here is to finish Overlord Skash without anybody getting hit by his projectile during Corruption Heartseeker.

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