Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Ondu Lifeweaver

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The Wildstar boss we’re dealing with today is the third boss of the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, Ondu Lifeweaver. This boss has a large health pool and multiple phases. The fight itself isn’t too tricky but there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind.

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Wildstar Gold: Ondu Mechanics

Ondu will periodically cast Plague Splatter; this large clover telegraph that will leave a large aoe pool on the ground that deals a lot of damage per tic. He will also periodically cast the skill, Plague Smash, this ability deals massive damage and has a knockdown effect. These are the only two real skills he uses during the tank and spank phase.

Throughout the encounter, the boss will obtain different buffs from the three totems around the room. Resilience will grant Ondu Lifeweaver immunity to interrupts throughout the duration and will chain-cast Plague Smash. Rage will grant Ondu a massive damage buff but will have drastically reduced movement speed. Even the tank can possibly die by Ondu’s auto-attacks alone, so the tank will have to kite the boss around the room during this buff. Ensnaring Rile is a skill that Ondu will toss at the tank during the Rage buff phase in order to catch up to the tank, slowing the tank in the process. This can and should be cleansed. Depending on how much threat the tank was able to generate before the Rage buff phase occurred will determine if Ondu will switch targets so the DPS may have to stop attacking due to being threat-capped.

Regeneration will be visually active with a beam tethering Ondu to the totem. This then gives Ondu the skill, Life Weave, which will then heal Ondu for a massive amount of health. Alternate your interrupts for this skill because he has the tendency to cast it twice during the regeneration buff phase.

Wildstar Gold: Reflex-race Mechanics

At 90, 30, and 60%, Ondu will run to the back of the room and begin casting Creeping Blight. All players in the room get pulled to Ondu’s position and are rooted for the entire duration of the spell. Blight Bombs will then appear from the other side of the room and creep slowly towards the players. Getting nicked by even a single bomb will instantly kill. One player, however, will turn out to be completely free from the root and will have a debuff that will enable said player to blow up the Blight Bombs by running into their telegraph range. That player will have to do it as quickly as possible to save their party. After this phase, Ondu has the tendency to head straight for a totem phase.

Tune in next time as we deal with another boss on our humble little guides.

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