Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Deadringer Shallaos

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Deadringer Shallaos is the first boss in the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden Wildstar dungeon and has been touted to be the System Daemons of dungeons, destroying unprepared pugs and smashing hopes and dreams. Despite being the first boss, she is, in my opinion, the hardest one to deal with, presenting itself as the early wall to keep newbies from progressing. This encounter is comprised of multiple phases that requires a keen control on character mobility due to the sheer number of moving telegraphs.

Wildstar Gold: Mechanics

Shallaos is a two-phase cycling encounter without a normal threat table. Threat is decided on whoever has the most stacks of ResonanceThis stacking debuff can be gained by attacking the chimes all over the room or getting ticked by a telegraph attack throughout the encounter. One hit on the chimes or one tick from a telegraph will give +1 stack of the debuff. Be aware, however, that only the tank must be the one getting resonance for the most part due to the increased damage received per stack (by 5%) of the debuff and not to mention that this is how threat is gained for Shallaos.

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After a certain HP threshold, she will retreat to her starting point and become invulnerable with Sonic Barrier. In this phase, sonic waves will be shot out in random directions from the two gigantic chimes on the opposite side of the room. If a wave passes through a chime, it will cast Dissonant Chord. The telegraph affected with do massive damage and grant a stack of resonance. This phase is the most hectic of all Shallaos’ phases and is the number one suspect that causes wipes. Players have to be far more attentive here if they don’t want to start over. Pay attention to the two chimes at all costs in order to react accordingly as to where the waves are coming from.

Once Shallaos drops Sonic Barrier, she will either lunge at a target or cast Harmonic Call. This skill will stun all players for a very long duration and cause all chimes within the room to cast Dissonant Chord. Before Sonic Barrier ends, it’s always good to position yourself away from the chimes in order to deal with this or use a cc break immediately after you get stunned.

Occasionally, Shallaos may cast Echo, targeting a random player in the group and do a massive knockback to said player and will disorient. After that, a sonic wave will be cast in the direction of the player. Echo also adds a stack of resonance to the target.

Buy Wildstar Gold: The Miscellaneous End

On the final stretch, the chimes will continously cast sonic waves in random directions with all other previous mechanics applying other than Harmonic Call. This will continue on until she is defeated or your group wipes. Make sure that the tank always has the highest amount of threat via having the highest amount of resonance stacks. There is no reason for anybody else to gain more than the accidental 2 or 3 unavoidable stacks. Just remember that every other member of the group that isn’t a tank will make it harder and harder for the entire group if they keep gaining resonance stacks, because the tank will have to gain more to compensate for the mistakes and the healer will have a harder time due to the damage increase.



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Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Deadringer Shallaos
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