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WildStar Gold Hunting with the Space Cowboy

August 7, 2014 Jennie Yang 0

The Space Cowboy of WildStar Online which are wielding two blasters to blast out enemies. Featuring the character class which you can use for WildStar Gold hunting, the Spell Slingers. This character class can blast you with spells with the use of their two (2) blasters. Let us see what [Read More…]

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WildStar Gold Hunting with the Crazy Doctor

August 6, 2014 Jennie Yang 0

In WildStar Online a lot of unique character classes are available and we will feature the Crazy Doctor who will fight for their allies. You can also give them the taste of the damage of the Crazy Doctor. Let us feature the Medic as your WildStar Gold hunter. Healing, supporting [Read More…]

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