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Questing Rewards and WildStar Gold

January 13, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

WildStar Gold can be obtained everywhere when playing WildStar Online. Mobs, monsters, trading house or auction house, Raids and Quests are things you can do to earn WildStar Gold. Let us specify the quests types we can take when venturing on the world of Nexus. Story Behind your WildStar Gold [Read More…]

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[Guide] Adventure: WildStar Gold Hunt in the Wilds

January 12, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

The War of the Wilds adventure mission is a different adventure mission you can take. This adventure mission is for level 25 characters opposing the Skeech of the Moodies. This mission is available on both factions; Dominion and Exile Players. WildStar Gold in the Wilds This mission is located at [Read More…]