Stalk the Prey for WildStar Gold Hunting

Stalking and assassination terms used to kill someone without noticing the victim. You can become a WildStar gold hunter by taking up the path of the Stalker in WildStar Online. Stalker is the character class which uses agility, speed, evasion and stealth. Down below are the things we can see in the Stalker character class.

wildstar gold with stalker class

Sneak up and get WildStar Gold

Taking up the stalker character class as your WildStar Gold hunter can be fun. Stalkers are equipped with retrievable claws, high tech devices and nano-skin that can give the stalker the ability to use stealth. They are capable of killing monsters without making the monster notice that the stalker is behind them and it is also hard to kill the Stalker in PvP. Using stealth is the very big advantage of the stalker other than the other character classes.

Stalker character classes are equipped with retrievable claws; their weapon of choice. It is very suitable because of their speed and evasive abilities. Stalkers also use special devices such as traps, amplification spikes, tether-mines and nano-darts, these devices helps the stalker to kill their victims and the nano-skin for stealth ability. Behind of these advantages the stalkers are only equipped with medium armor, but they can also take up the role of the tank because of their evasive skills.

Always remember to use every advantage of the character class you use it will be your best weapon to other character classes.

Sell your WildStar Gold for Profits

All players in game are able to use the PlayerAuctions house to buy or sell their items. When the items are registered, the items can be searched by other players and buy the registered item. There are times that you will see same items but different price value of WildStar Gold. What you can do now is buy the cheapest price value, and sell it again with a higher price value. Once the posted item is already sold, you will gain profit to buy another item which has the lower price value. And do it over and over again.

Browse other member of the Marketplace and find a good deal and start earning profits. Buy WildStar Gold for your in game needs or sell gold for the players who don’t have the time to grind and who needs gold badly.



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