Questing Rewards and WildStar Gold

WildStar Gold can be obtained everywhere when playing WildStar Online. Mobs, monsters, trading house or auction house, Raids and Quests are things you can do to earn WildStar Gold. Let us specify the quests types we can take when venturing on the world of Nexus.

wildstar gold on raids

Story Behind your WildStar Gold Hunter

Story quest or the plot quest is one of the Quests you can take up when playing WildStar Online. Story quests are the series of quests which are always updating every time you finish a certain chapter of the quest. You can earn gold, rare items and addition experience points for levelling. Completing the Story quests will give you the idea what is really happening on the planet Nexus. It is like you were allied with the NPC’s to plan and defeat the evil forces.

Other quests for WildStar Gold

You can earn WildStar Gold when taking your Path Quests. The path quests will give you access on the world that cannot be accessed by other paths. Those quests will give you privileges to earn gold the unique way. Next will be the Challenge Quests. These types of quests are time pressured quests. These quests have awesome rewards when completed.

Taking these quests might kill time but it is very worth it to finish all of them. Rewards like gold and items can be obtained if the quests are done.


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