Nexus Updates and News for WildStar Gold Fans

WildStar’s story is changing and everything that you have played up till now has been a prologue to the Nexus Saga. Carbine released the preview of the new update in the Nexus Saga story. The Chapter 1 begins in the Journey to Omnicore 1.

wildstar gold in omnicore

Omnicore-1 Chapter for WildStar Gold

WildStar Online releases the new update of two new chapters for the OMNI Core-1 and the Mystery of the Genesis Prime. Ushers in a level 50 are filled with new adventure, quests and lore for players.  The newly added features are now stated. The new lore; defile has new things to show the players about their lore. First is the sonic Plaza one of the first area’s you can visit in the Defile and where your faction has made camp to study the power of EXINITE. Next is the Siege of the Light Spire is a gigantic monster named Isigrol the Dread Watcher is on the warpath. Next is the Strain Maw which you must find the Strain Maw and jump on into its mouth, doing this mission will reward you with new areas to explore and ton of cool path content. And lastly the Tainted Gardens this is ruled by Syra the Queen of the Dire Web. This area is full of quests that can make you excite with the arachnids.

WildStar Gold Fans: The Saga Update

Stay tuned in the official website of WildStar Online for more updates in the new stories unfold in the planet of Nexus. Prepare your WildStar Gold hunters for upcoming adventures.

A limited promotion was heard by NCSoft’s WildStar Online. This promotion might be the great starting step for WildStar Gold Fan beginners. It will save them money for their most awaited game. Read more about the news which NCSoft announced. The Standard and Deluxe editions of the multiplayer online title have temporarily been given a price slash of 50% on the game’s official game store. This means, it is good news for those who want to begin playing WildStar Online. The Standard Edition of WildStar Online is priced at $19.99 in the US, while the Deluxe Edition of WildStar Online costs $27.49. The Deluxe Edition of WildStar Online comes with the bundled goods with a free in-game Hover Board, additional sets, exclusive mounts and more, while the Standard Edition offering includes 30 hours of free playtime and three quest passes for players to gift to their friends.

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