Nature and Science for WildStar Gold

One of the paths you can take up with your WildStar Gold hunter is the scientist. They are the discoverer of hidden facilities on terrains by using their scan bots. They unlock the answers in each hidden places. They can give answers on giant flowers in the planet nexus and everything we don’t know about the world of WildStar Online. Featuring the scientist and let us unfold the secrets of nature.

wildstar gold with scientist

Scan bots for WildStar Gold hunting

When taking up the path of the scientist in WildStar Online they are partnered with a robot called Scan bots. Scan bots are the scanner of the hidden things in the planet Nexus. It can unlock secret facilities or laboratories; it can wake up enormous giant monsters hiding in a flower bed. By those knowledge and skills you can take up the monsters for WildStar Gold just bring up the party with you and bring the house down for your reward.

Tasks of a Scientist for WildStar Gold Reward

A scientist can be rewarded with WildStar Gold just by completing these simple tasks. Analytical task for checking on hidden giant monsters beneath the surface, Archaeological studies for discovering relics, robots and radial machines. Biological studies for crazy creatures on the whole planet, Botany for unknown species of plants, Chemistry for making compounds, diagnostics for robot scans and field study for terrains.

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