Metal Faced Mechari Hunting for WildStar Gold

Mechari is a Race of 9 foot tall robots which are highly efficient killing machines that make it their business to eliminate traitors and spies on Nexus. Created by the Eldan engineer but they have fallen into the hands of the Dominion. Read more of the Mechari Race for WildStar Gold hunting.

mechari for wildstar gold

WildStar Gold Hunt: The Mechari

The Eldan on planet Nexus found themselves in need of servant race that could communicate with the other races of the galaxy and watch for developments in culture and technology that might be of interest to them. They created a race of sentient mechanical beings known as the Mechari. Mechari were used as instrumental in helping the humans of planet Cassus establish the Dominion and presided over the coronation of the first Luminai emperor. They helped the Dominion to expand the assimilating races like the Draken of planet MIkros.

EXANITE Core AKA the Head Crystal, the head crystals are made out of Exanite. A powerful substance composed of all six primal energies. This material makes the Mechari intelligent. The metal coating is made of the unnamed substance. It is light, durable like titanium but I can be deformed and stretched to allow the Mechari for facial reactions.

These are some of the characteristics of the Mechari race. Be one of the Mechari and start earning WildStar Gold now.

Sell your WildStar Gold for Profits

All players in game are able to use the PlayerAuctions house to buy or sell their items. When the items are registered, the items can be searched by other players and buy the registered item. There are times that you will see same items but different price value of WildStar Gold. What you can do now is buy the cheapest price value, and sell it again with a higher price value. Once the posted item is already sold, you will gain profit to buy another item which has the lower price value. And do it over and over again.




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