Hunting WildStar Gold Together with Aurin Classes

Aurins are a race from the planet Arboria that has been driven by the faction Dominion. They have escaped to Nexus and joined the faction of the Exiles in the hopes of finding peace and a new home. Check out more of the Aurin race for your WildStar Gold hunter.

aurin class for wildstar gold

WildStar Gold Hunt: Haunting History

For thousands of years, Aurins are living simply for their lives. On the forest wild of Arboria they inhabited for a long time. They developed a symbiotic relationship with the trees of their home world. The Aurin were fierce and agile hunters that protected Arboria’s forests and creatures that lived within them. Led by an unbroken line of queens that communed directly with the ancient and powerful Mother tree. The Aurins enjoyed an idyllic existence in their hidden paradise on the edge of the Fringe.

Biology is their primary knowledge. Their ears give them a great awareness of their environment; their powerful tails are great tolls for swinging through trees, branches and other obstacles. Their eyes have spectacular vision useful for far alike. They also have claws used for better climbing surfaces, fangs for eating or biting hostile.


More wonders will be discovered as you venture the game with Aurin classes.

Sell your WildStar Gold for Profits

All players in game are able to use the PlayerAuctions house to buy or sell their items. When the items are registered, the items can be searched by other players and buy the registered item. There are times that you will see same items but different price value of WildStar Gold. What you can do now is buy the cheapest price value, and sell it again with a higher price value. Once the posted item is already sold, you will gain profit to buy another item which has the lower price value. And do it over and over again.


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