Galaxy Warriors Hunting for WildStar Gold

The warriors forged in the heat and dust of their savaged home world. They have come to planet Nexus to prove they are the most badass warriors in the Galaxy. The Draken race is up for any challenge for WildStar Gold hunting. Read more about the Draken and their history.

wildstar gold hunting with draken race

WildStar Gold Hunt: Draken Race

Three centuries after the founding of the Dominion, the Mechari determined that the Dominion military is looking for new power. After scanning thousands of known races and species they analyze its combat effectiveness. They advised the Luminai Emperor Azrion to bring the Draken of planet Mikros into the Dominion. In exchange the loyalty and strength will be lent to the dominion if they could win through strength and violence.

As the empire arrives in the planet Mikros they challenge the High Clan lord Zhur to a single combat and as the expectation of the Dominion, Zhur accepted the challenge. The duel started and the fight was fierce and brutal. The swords of the two gladiators were stained with blood but in the end the Dominion claim the kill and the Draken serve the Dominion ever since.

Few of the unique races you can portray are the Draken. They are fierce and ruthless. Use their power to gain power!

Sell your WildStar Gold for Profits

All players in game are able to use the PlayerAuctions house to buy or sell their items. When the items are registered, the items can be searched by other players and buy the registered item. There are times that you will see same items but different price value of WildStar Gold. What you can do now is buy the cheapest price value, and sell it again with a higher price value. Once the posted item is already sold, you will gain profit to buy another item which has the lower price value. And do it over and over again.


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