Exploring the Forest and Get Rewarded with WildStar Gold

You can earn WildStar gold if you go in the Forest of Celestion. It is one of the most lush and verdant locations on the surface of planet Nexus. Both the Aurin and the Mordesh have inhabited in this region for different reasons. Below is the story behind the Celestion Region.

wildstar gold in celestion

WildStar Gold hunt: Celestion Region

Aurin’s have embraced Celestion because it is very similar to their home world Arboria. It includes the presence of semi-sentient trees and a staggering variety of life forms. It is the same variety that is attracted the Mordesh. Many of them seek to experiment on and with the local flora and fauna in their never-ending research for the Contagion Cure. In this planet and region not all life is friendly or native. Wild inhabited foes and dark secretes hide within the dark shadows of the forest. The Draken of the Dominion faction have also discovered the diversity of the forest. They find it the perfect place for a great hunt complete with Exile targets as a bonus.

WildStar Gold Rewards at Celestion

You can check the challenge missions for additional rewards of items and WildStar Gold. The reward will depend on the time and the medal you are going to get after you finish a challenge mission. The faster you finish the challenge mission the better reward you are going to receive.




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