Chua Classes Hunting for WildStar Gold

The Chua are mischievous inventors who develop advanced weapons and technology for the Dominion army. The history and characteristics of the Chuas will be featured today. Read more about them as they collect WildStar gold for the Dominion.

chua class for wildstar gold

Small but Terrible WildStar Gold Hunter

Chuas are known by their humanoid-hamster look but the gender is unidentified. Having no masculine or feminine differences from one-another. They appear predominantly male, though, and they have thick facial hair in the way of beards, mustaches, and even eyebrows; they also use masculine pronouns when speaking casually. It is speculated they may be hermaphroditic, and they are known to reproduce rapidly.

In the Course of scouting prospective races in the early years of the Dominion, Mechari observers found that the primitive but intelligent Chua of the forest world Bezgelor displayed considerable promise. In addition to showing an uncanny grasp of science and mechanical engineering, they were also remarkably devious and competitive. Predicting that a species unconstrained by economic or moral considerations could prove useful, they opened communications.

The Chua reciprocated by presenting their celestial benefactors with a gift-wrapped Bezgelorian tar-beetle by its new owners, covering all dignitaries present in corrosive black ooze that required months of corrective drilling and acid-baths to remove.

Sell your WildStar Gold for Profits

All players in game are able to use the PlayerAuctions house to buy or sell their items. When the items are registered, the items can be searched by other players and buy the registered item. There are times that you will see same items but different price value of WildStar Gold. What you can do now is buy the cheapest price value, and sell it again with a higher price value. Once the posted item is already sold, you will gain profit to buy another item which has the lower price value. And do it over and over again.


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