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Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Deadringer Shallaos

April 7, 2016 editor 0

Deadringer Shallaos is the first boss in the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden Wildstar dungeon and has been touted to be the System Daemons of dungeons, destroying unprepared pugs and smashing hopes and dreams. Despite being the first boss, she is, in my opinion, the hardest one to deal with, presenting itself as [Read More…]

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Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Overlord Skash

March 17, 2016 editor 0

Overlord Skash, one of the two possible second bosses found in the Wildstar Dungeon, Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, is a contemporary of Rayna Darkspeaker and is also a 50/50 chance to encounter. Keep in mind that while this boss is relatively more lax than Rayna, have at least 1 interrupt at the [Read More…]

Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Rayna Darkspeaker

March 9, 2016 editor 0

Rayna Darkspeaker, one of the two possible second bosses found in the Wildstar Dungeon, Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, is a simpler fight compared to her contemporaries like Ondu Lifeweaver. Do not take her lightly, however, as she still requires a modicum of skill in order to finish. While her encounter does [Read More…]

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Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Ondu Lifeweaver

March 2, 2016 editor 0

The Wildstar boss we’re dealing with today is the third boss of the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, Ondu Lifeweaver. This boss has a large health pool and multiple phases. The fight itself isn’t too tricky but there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind. Wildstar Gold: [Read More…]

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Wildstar Gold: PvP Server Merges Incoming!

February 26, 2016 editor 0

Wildstar Gold: Population Troubles For the looooongest time, Wildstar has been suffering horrible population losses and most servers have ended up barren. In a game a prolifically “hardcore” in the sense that Vanilla WoW was, it spelled almost an instant doom for the fledgling IP. However, when Wildstar finally opted [Read More…]

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Allies in your Adventure Quests for WildStar Gold

April 29, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

In every Faction in WildStar Online there are corresponding challenge mission available for your WildStar Gold Hunter. The challenge mission on Exile and the Dominion is different to each other but the rewards are almost the same. Let us feature the challenge mission you can up with the exiles. Exile [Read More…]

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Scavenging WildStar Gold with the Human Race

April 24, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

Humans, the descendants of Cassians who had broke off from the Dominions more than 300 years ago. Exiled humans have been surviving in the Fringe, living in a derelict, ramshackle fleet held up by prayers, jury-rigged repairs and tons of duct tape. Read more about the human race in the [Read More…]

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[News] Possible F2P for WildStar Gold Hunters

April 15, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

Latest news was broadcasted in the internet mentioning the status of WildStar Online. It contains that a major Australian retailers instructed to their stock off and return it to the distributor. EB Games and JB Hi-FI have been removed WildStar from Sale. The whole statement below was given by the [Read More…]

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Alchemy: The Way to Hunt WildStar Gold

April 10, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

Alchemy is the name given by non-Eldan races to a form of science that manipulates primal power through biochemical means also defined by blending certain elements, biological matter. Hunt WildStar Gold with the people of the Alchemy lore. WildStar Gold: the Alchemy The practice of alchemy occurs in many galactic [Read More…]

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