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Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Deadringer Shallaos

April 7, 2016 editor 0

Deadringer Shallaos is the first boss in the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden Wildstar dungeon and has been touted to be the System Daemons of dungeons, destroying unprepared pugs and smashing hopes and dreams. Despite being the first boss, she is, in my opinion, the hardest one to deal with, presenting itself as [Read More…]

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Wildstar Gold: Boss Guide – Overlord Skash

March 17, 2016 editor 0

Overlord Skash, one of the two possible second bosses found in the Wildstar Dungeon, Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, is a contemporary of Rayna Darkspeaker and is also a 50/50 chance to encounter. Keep in mind that while this boss is relatively more lax than Rayna, have at least 1 interrupt at the [Read More…]