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Galaxy Warriors Hunting for WildStar Gold

March 25, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

The warriors forged in the heat and dust of their savaged home world. They have come to planet Nexus to prove they are the most badass warriors in the Galaxy. The Draken race is up for any challenge for WildStar Gold hunting. Read more about the Draken and their history. [Read More…]

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Chua Classes Hunting for WildStar Gold

March 20, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

The Chua are mischievous inventors who develop advanced weapons and technology for the Dominion army. The history and characteristics of the Chuas will be featured today. Read more about them as they collect WildStar gold for the Dominion. Small but Terrible WildStar Gold Hunter Chuas are known by their humanoid-hamster [Read More…]

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Human Species Hunting for WildStar Gold

March 18, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

Humans, the descendants of Cassians who had broke off from the Dominions more than 300 years ago. Exiled humans have been surviving in the Fringe, living in a derelict, ramshackle fleet held up by prayers, jury-rigged repairs and tons of duct tape. Read more about the human race in the [Read More…]

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Cassians the Half Blood WildStar Gold Hunters

March 13, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

The Cassians were chosen by the Eldan to establish the Dominion. They are going to make sure the pathetic vermin infesting the galaxy won’t forget it. Read more about the history of the Cassian race for WildStar Gold hunting. WildStar Gold Hunt: Ambition and Intelligence The Mechari journeyed to Cassus [Read More…]

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Metal Faced Mechari Hunting for WildStar Gold

March 12, 2015 Jennie Yang 0

Mechari is a Race of 9 foot tall robots which are highly efficient killing machines that make it their business to eliminate traitors and spies on Nexus. Created by the Eldan engineer but they have fallen into the hands of the Dominion. Read more of the Mechari Race for WildStar [Read More…]